Harry Belafonte

Yesterday, we lost the Piscean treasure, Harry Belafonte.

Here are some things to know about him:

❤️ His album "Calypso" was the first to sell 1 million copies
❤️ He was the first Black actor to win an Emmy
❤️ He's *very largely* responsible for that classic fundraising song you might have heard of called "We Are The World"
❤️ He held the largest concert ever in Sub Saharan Africa
❤️ He served on the Advisory Council of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
❤️ He was an ambassador to the Bahamas
❤️ He was the recipient of the BET Humanitarian Award in 2006

He was an incredible activist who merged pop culture with human rights. He got people to care about activism through song, film, commercials, and more. He was a confidant for Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights Movement, worked with UNICEF, and actively spoke out about politicians he disagreed with throughout his lifetime.

Harry Belafonte was absolutely the singer behind the song where everyone dances around the table during the best scene during Beetlejuice. He was also one of the most influential Black men we had the chance to share space on the earth with.

He was able to do so in spite of everything working against him. Literally. He was a champion for everyone who couldn't speak or fight. A real Merriment Maker.

 "Bring it on. Dissent is central to any democracy." - Harry Belafonte

I hope you'll celebrate him today by thinking about what you can do to spread joy to bring others with you on your way up. And listening to a little "Banana Boat" to get you in the mood.


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