Mini Inner Teenager Workshop

Give some love to the beautiful, angsty, creative (often uncelebrated) teenage part of you

Teenage Self-Love Workshop

We talk a lot about loving and healing our "inner child", but what about the inner teenager?

Of course the inner child needs love, but why do we seem to skip over the years that include so much anguish, angst, and awkwardness at the very least

The teenage years are a time where most of us look back thinking of some of the most exciting and embarrassing times we'll ever have.

We tend to simultaneously want to desperately remember and forget the years of our teenage self, without ever really effectively doing either.

I propose we take a deep dive together to love, celebrate, and learn from our inner teenager.

No matter what we struggled with as a teenager, I believe there is a lot we can find out about our truest nature from this time of our lives, and I would be honored to guide you through this process.

We're Going Over...

πŸ’— 10 specific ways teenagers excel
πŸ’— How to bring out your inner teenager
πŸ’— How to learn from your inner teenager today
πŸ’— The struggle with Conformity
πŸ’— The process of Rebellion and Nonconformity
πŸ’— Exploration, Self-Expression, + Radical Art
πŸ’— Documentation + Communication
πŸ’— Impermanence
πŸ’— Sacred Secrets, Songs, + Sweethearts
πŸ’— The 10 Principles Of Burning

You Get...

πŸ’— 120 minute workshop replay
πŸ’— 10 page workbook with journaling
πŸ’— 6 digital social media positive affirmations
πŸ’— Teenage themed playlist with 80 songs
πŸ’— Teenage themed Pinterest board with 80 images
πŸ’— Resources on note folding origami
πŸ’— Resources on impermanence
πŸ’— Printable list of Burning Principles

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β€œThe [Merriment Makers] group, created, adored, and run by the one and only Uncustomary Mary England, is an exuberance of light, love, and creativity, with a refreshing dose of reality and practicality. Mary gives us a literal rainbow of thoughts, ideas, courses, and strategies to bring more positivity, color, lightness, and self-understanding into our lives. Mary is genuinely interested in our needs, and the group itself reflects that same genuine interest. Being a part of this group has been a delight and I am so looking forward to following where Uncustomary leads us!” - Julia

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