Radical Self-Love: Expanding Limiting Beliefs

Connect to your deepest self by opening your fears up to possibilities

Do you have an "issue" that keeps coming up every six months?

You say you're going to start working on it now?
You keep hoping it's going to fix itself?
You're ashamed to admit it's still a problem?

Maybe you've heard around town that the reason this "issue" isn't going away is due to something called a "limiting belief". I believe that's true, but what's the follow up? What do people say to DO about the limiting beliefs?

I believe that any "issue" we have is a result of not having enough self-love in that area.

I also believe that a limiting belief implies the existence of an EXPANDING belief! So let's expand our beliefs and douse ourselves in self-love together with tangible theories and steps.

  • Take responsibility for your job in your healing.
  • Learn about the connection between attachment and blame to having and taking back your power.
  • Examine your fears from a provocative angle so you understand where the stagnation actually started.

I'm here to guide you through a masterclass and make it rain with resources, worksheets, inspiration, and digital art.

I want you to be reminded of how tremendous you already are.

This is a module directly lifted out of the Merriment Makers Membership group. You can get a feel for what it's like in there or get a membership for access to all of these resources.

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