A Merry New Year!

Reflect on the past year, envision the next, and even plan your New Year's Eve!

Are you ready to jump into the new year?

Here's the thing, I believe before we can make something a success, we need to do three things:

  1. Reflect on what has happened up until now to get clear on what we DO want and what we're grateful for
  2. Define what success actually means for us
  3. Create a plan and envision it!

    This simple and thorough, printable 16-page workbook includes my favorite end-of-the-year ritual I created for myself almost a decade ago.

Inside this workbook you'll:

  • Create multiple "Top 5 Things" lists to find more good and gratitude in the past year than you had any idea existed!
  • Be prompted to create plans, visions, and goals for the next year in specific categories of life that you might not have even considered!
  • Be guided on how to have a magical New Year's Eve or any night you want to make special, like the night you choose to fill this in!

I want to remind you of where the beauty already lives in your life, even and especially if you're feeling discouraged.

I want to make it easy for you to be clear about where you want to go by understanding how you want to FEEL and who you want to BE first.

I want to help you make filling out this workbook feel like a transformational ritual.

I want to remove the rules that this needs to be done on New Year's Eve, and let any day be your new beginning.

Also included:

  • New Year's Eve playlist
  • 10 Things To Stop Doing In The New Year
  • Self-Love New Year's Resolutions
  • Positive Affirmation for social media
  • New Year's Eve TV episode list

You'll also find 100 tips on how to bring Merriment Making to:

  • Your profession/career/work
  • Chores/errands/organizing
  • Health/fitness/nutrition
  • Social interactions/community/activism
  • Spirituality/personal rituals
  • Love/relationships/sex
  • Abundance/money/rituals

Get started now!